• Fantasy Encyclopedia (精裝)
    • Fantasy Encyclopedia (精裝)

    • ISBN(10碼): 0753458470
    • ISBN(13碼): 9780753458471
    • 作者: Judy Allen & Richard Hook
    • 出版社: Kingfisher
    • 出版日期: 2005年10月01日
    • 美元 定價:25.95元  二手最低價:$500
    • 已絕版
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  With a foreword by the award-winning fantasy author Jonathan Stroud, and illustration by some of the world's best illustrators including John Howe, the Fantasy Encyclopedia is a spectacular one-stop guide to the creatures and people of folklore and fantasy. From goblins and fairies to dragons and Dracula, this encyclopedia covers them all with sparkling, readable text and stunning illustrations.

  Discover how the magic of stories throughout the centuries has kept these creatures alive in traditions and cultures around the world. Using a highly visual approach, featuring more than 400 photographs and illustrations, this book will introduce readers to each fantasy character within its habitat and genre. Cross-reference boxes direct readers to popular books and movies starring these fantastical creatures.

  This is a must-have for any fantasy enthusiast!


茱蒂‧艾倫 (Judy Allen),著作相當豐富的英國作家,至今已出版五十多部作品,榮獲無數獎項的肯定和讚譽。茱蒂喜歡以自然生態為題材,書寫充滿想像力的小說或寫實的生態故事、童書繪本等,至今仍源源創作不斷。


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