• Eyewitness Books: Ancient Greece (精裝)
    • Eyewitness Books: Ancient Greece (精裝)

    • ISBN(10碼): 0756606497
    • ISBN(13碼): 9780756606497
    • 作者: Anne Pearson
    • 出版社: DK CHILDREN
    • 出版日期: 2004年08月09日
    • 美元 定價:15.99元  二手最低價:$190
    • 已絕版
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  Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the glories of ancient Greece. Superb color photographs of armor, jewelry, temples and much more offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the history, daily life, beliefs and achievements of the ancient Greek civilization.

  See the golden mask of Agamemnon, the luxurious palaces of Crete, an armed hoplite ready to do battle, the Parthenon Frieze, what a Greek family wore, and what the inside of a Greek farmhouse looked like. Learn how Greek athletes did the long jump, how Odysseus escaped from the cave of the Cyclops, how to play the Greek game of kottabos, who discovered Troy, and why Socrates drank hemlock.


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