• The Book of Tomorrow
    • The Book of Tomorrow

    • ISBN(10碼): 0061968315
    • ISBN(13碼): 9780061968310
    • 作者: Cecelia Ahern
    • 出版社: Harper
    • 出版日期: 2010年05月01日
    • 美元 定價:7.99元  二手最低價:$130


  Born into the lap of luxury and comfortable in the here and now, spoiled, tempestuous Tamara Goodwin has never had to look to the future—until the abrupt death of her father leaves her and her mother a mountain of debt and forces them to move in with Tamara's peculiar aunt and uncle in a tiny countryside village.

  Tamara is lonely and bored, with a traveling library as her only diversion. There she finds a large leather-bound book with a gold clasp and padlock, but no author name or title. Intrigued, she pries open the lock, and what she finds inside takes her breath away.

  Tamara sees entries written in her own handwriting, and dated for the following day. When the next day unfolds exactly as recorded, Tamara realizes she may have found a solution to her problems. But in her quest to find answers, Tamara soon learns that some pages are better left unturned and that, try as she may, she mustn't interfere with fate.


西西莉雅‧艾亨 (Cecelia Ahern),1981年出生於愛爾蘭都柏林,是愛爾蘭前總理柏提‧艾亨的女兒,曾取得新聞與大眾傳播學位。21歲時,寫下第一本小說《PS, 我愛妳》暢銷40個國家,成為2004年最暢銷的新人小說,並改編成同名電影,她因本書獲得2004/5英國書獎的最佳新人獎提名。才華洋溢的她更於2008年獲頒最佳新進作家獎 (Best New Writer at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards)的肯定。

至今,她的作品在48個國家發行,售出超過1200萬冊。另外,她也參與美國ABC電視台熱門喜劇「誰是莎蔓莎」(Samantha Who?)的製作,獲得艾美獎的肯定。著有:《最後的禮物》、《我一直都在》、《PS,我愛妳》、《在妳身邊90天》等。


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